About designumber18

A little background on me and designumber18 on the whole.

What is designumber18.com all about?

At designumber18.com, I’m dedicated to providing successful graphic design solutions to my clients. From logos to posters, web banners to billboards, brochures to websites, the results are what matter. Many designers can produce "pretty" marketing pieces. The best designers, however, understand that the message is king. If your prospective customers aren't inspired to buy your product or service, even the most eye-catching, beautiful website or brochure is a failure. When your business succeeds, I’ve done my job.


What kind of experience do you have?

I've worked in the printing and graphic design industries for over 12 years. I've been employed at several ad agencies and printing companies in the Detroit, Michigan (USA) area. I have experience with all aspects of both industries, running the spectrum from pitching ideas to clients to doing press checks to make sure the final product is correct, and everything in between. I've worked closely with newspapers, magazines and outdoor advertising companies, providing them with proper files for the best results. My experience in the printing industry ensures that the designs I create will work seamlessly with the latest workflows, so that the finished product is exactly what the client expects. I also have much experience working directly with clients, both in person and via the web and email. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and have a knack for understanding what the client is asking for, even when they aren't completely sure. The best compliment I can get is when a client sees a final product I designed, and they say "That's EXACTLY what I had in mind!"


What does the "18" signify?

Nope, I'm not 18 years old (I'm 41). 18 has been my favorite/lucky number since I played high school baseball growing up in Southfield, Michigan (Go Southfield-Lathrup Chargers!). Since then, I've learned some cool things about the number itself:

  • The Hebrew word for "alive" is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. Consequently, the custom has arisen in Jewish culture to give donations and monetary gifts in multiples of 18 as an expression of blessing for long life.
  • Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 was originally named Catch-18 because of the Hebrew meaning of the number, but was amended to the published title to avoid confusion with another war novel, Mila-18.
  • In Chinese tradition, the number 18, can be translated that one is going to prosper. In Chinese folklore, the Shaolin Temple had a group of 18 bronze Monks. Initiates could only be considered full graduates of Shaolin martial arts if they could defeat them in combat.